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Audi A7 Sportback 3.0 TFSI quattro Reviews


By Aditi Mishra

Price: 9,03,800



Pros : excellent safety features, stunning looks, brilliant performance

Cons : none

Hello guys! I am Aditi Mishra from Mumbai, India. I was planning to buy a nice car for me since a long time and could not figure out which car to purchase which would fulfill all my desires. Apart from my desires regarding the looks of the car, interiors, style, performance and comfort also something very important is my mother’s concern for my safety. Actually from the very beginning I was not used to driving a car as there have always been the drivers who do this for me.

But now I really wanted to own a personal car which I could drive through the city enjoying my personal space and then the worry of a mother starts. She is very concerned about the safety features which must necessarily be there in my car. And I think she is right at her place as I myself realize this that I am not very good at driving and if I have decided to try my hand then my first car should be such that it must be loaded with some really good safety features.

I always wanted to drive an AUDI but was worried that whether my mother would approve of it or not. So fingers crossed we went to the AUDI showroom. As soon as we reached there I just fell in love with the AUDI A7 SPORTSBACK 3.0 TFSI Quattro. I just wanted to buy this car anyhow but was really tensed about my mother’s final verdict. But I guess all my worries and tension were in vain. When my mom asked the sales personnel about the safety features and he started telling us about the ones in this car I was very pleasantly surprised. The car has some excellent safety features and I just loved them all. The car has four airbags which are the driver airbag, the front passenger airbag, side airbag front and the side airbag front and the side airbag rear. Apart from these it has the ABS and EBS, brake assist, electronic stability control, anti-theft alarm, door ajar warning and a lot more brilliant features. I think the car is a perfect one.

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