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Chevrolet Aveo U-VA 1.2 LS Reviews


By Kunal

Price: 9,03,800


Premium hatch in budget

Pros : Good exteriors and styling, nice fuel economy, low turning radius, good upholstery makes it a premium comfortable hatchback

Cons : Low pickup, hard gear shift, cramped interiors and is not very impressive at driving

I was taking test drive of all premium hatchbacks and Chevrolet’s Aveo UVA was at last in my list of preferences, I took its test drive last week and I found it very impressive in terms of ride quality and comfort level. It’s a nice city ride and a very easy to drive vehicle. Fuel efficiency is nice too. If found it a bit pricy among the options I was evaluating if I compare the offerings, specifications and overall satisfaction level of test drive.

Exteriors are simple yet elegant and are a characteristic feature of Chevy who believes that beauty lies in simplicity. Tyres are broad and hold the road tight. Suspension is great among all the hatchbacks. Engine is good but I felt the lack of power when I switched a/c on. Pickup is slow and car lacks quick, agile characteristic and runs like a lazy lame. It’s not a highway cruiser in particular. Maintenance cost is very small and spares are reasonably priced. Car is strong and rugged and is equipped well to bear our filthy road vibrations.

Interiors are among the most spacious ones but the rear legroom is cramped and passengers need to bend their legs causes discomfort over long journeys. A/c runs good and boot space provided is good enough to carry a small family belongings.

Overall it’s a good car but there is a big difference between the price and GM’s offerings and is facing stiff competition from manufacturers like Hyundai and Maruti who have much better product available and that too at much reasonable price. It’s time for GM to rethink and make necessary amendments in their offering to make a complete package.  


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