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Chevrolet Captiva Automatic AWD 2.2 Reviews


By Ranjan

Price: 9,03,800


My Burning Captiva

Pros : Interiors

Cons : Catches fire without explanation, while moving!

On 7th Aug morning, I was happily driving my Captiva AWD AT, which had done less than 30,000 kms and was in perfectly maintained condition. Suddenly, I noticed smoke coming out from under the hood on both sides. I immediately got suspicious, rolled down the window and started pressing the brake pedal.... to my horror, the vehicle accelerated instead of slowing down! There was fast moving traffic all around me. Gathering my wits, I somehow maneuvered the vehicle on the wrong side of road to avoid running over bikers and pedestrians crossing a junction.

Seeing a safe spot, I applied manual parking brakes and somehow controlled the vehicle to stop. By then, the bonnet had caught fire and doors had jammed. Thankfully, because I had rolled down the window, I could open the driver-side door from outside and jumped out of the vehicle. Within 3-4 minutes, the entire engine compartment was burnt to ashes.

A few shocking facts I have discovered subsequently:

1.  In Dec 2011, GM announced a global recall of Captiva SUV to correct a reported fire risk in engine compartment. Shockingly, the recall did not and to date, has not taken place in India for this SUV which is manufactured and shipped globally from the same South Korean plant that caters to the US and China- two largest auto markets and where the recall happened very promptly. For more details, you can refer to this link-
2.  On 22nd July, in an exactly similar incident, Chevrolet Captiva of Samir Suhag, national level polo player and Arjuna awardee burnt down. He and his wife escaped in time, just like me. 

To top it all, there have been at least 5 exactly similar incidents (that I am aware of and am in touch with 2 owners) of Captiva engine compartment catching fire in a moving vehicle across the country in the last 11 months!!
What is General Motors India's response- invariably, to put the blame on customers or extraneous factors like FUEL LEAKAGE and a replaced FOG LAMP!!!
Would you still put yourself and your family in a Captiva? DECIDE FOR YOURSELF.

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