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Chevrolet Captiva XTREME Reviews


By Praveen

Price: 9,03,800


Chevrolet Captiva – best SUV of India, class leader

Pros : Interiors are exceptional, ride quality is exceptional and features are class leading

Cons : You can say its price is way too high but not a con actually

The new Chevrolet Captiva Xtreme surpasses all its rivals in each and every aspect. It goes ahead its leading rival, the Honda CR V particularly in terms of design and ride quality. It looks genuinely something like a premium SUV and not made up kind. It is an expensive and premium SUV but it is tempting beyond words. When I took its test drive, I just wanted it …no reason, no logic. Actually I just got away and bought it.

Its interiors are so good that you almost feel flattered when you sit inside. There are rear ac vents till the third row and in hot and humid weather of Kolkata; they cool you down within few minutes only.  There is leather upholstery for comfort and nice feel. The automatic climate control feature is again a big relief. The reversing cameras really help in reversing accurately. It’s expensive but its ride quality is actually exceptional. You can have fun driving it at high speed of almost 150kmph on highways. Its mileage is also pretty good on highways though you might just get 8-10 kmpl but then it’s made to go fast and furious on good roads. A 28-20 Lakh SUV isn’t just meant for a city ride after all.

If there are issues, guys at the service centers are friendly and help you immensely. What all you need? Chevrolet Captiva is a complete package. It is worth the price at which it comes, absolutely.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Looks like a hunk, amazing power with wonderful features. i am bless with this one and i feel good whenever i drive it.



Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I don't like much of its exterior looks but the features are good enough to impress a SUV buyer.

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