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Chevrolet Sail LS Reviews


By Faiz Ahmed

Price: 9,03,800


The recently launched Chevrolet Sail is amazing

Pros : stunning looks, great pick up and acceleration and beautiful and comfortable interiors

Cons : none

Hi! This is Faiz Ahmed from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. I am planning to buy a good car for myself and have been test driving some since few days. I had tried the all new Chevrolet Sail LS which was suggested to me by a very good friend of mine. Ever since I have tried this car I just do not happen to like any other car over and above this one. I think this car which has been launched by the Chevrolet Company this time is the best of all. 

This car has amazing features which one is bound to fall in love with. Also the pickup and acceleration given by the car is mind-blowing and the car proves out to be a performer. Also I really appreciate the powerful engine in this car. The power steering is just amazing. Coming over to the looks of this car I can say that the car is just one of the best looking cars in the Indian market which is available and affordable to the Indian middle class masses. 
Also one more thing which is just excellent about the car is the interior designing and the comfort the interiors of this car provide. The car is an extremely good looking sedan and it’s sometimes hard to believe that a car like this which gives the complete feeling of class and luxury comes in an amazingly affordable range. Also the car is extremely comfortable and spacious and I just loved being in it, driving it all over the city with my family and I really felt that this would be the perfect one for me and my family during my test drive. I am soon going to buy this car.

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