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Chevrolet Sail STD Reviews


By Vikas

Price: 9,03,800


Chevrolet Sail tested right

Pros : good handling, beautiful design, high mileage

Cons : couple of features are missing

I had wanted to have a sedan for myself since quite some time now. I really did not want to spend to a lot of money on buying the car but I still wanted my car to be very luxurious and have all the comfort, luxury and style features. After searching a lot I found such a car which really suited my needs very well. The car is Chevrolet Sail STD.

To start with I really love the overall styling of this car on the exteriors. The design of this car is very fresh and it also seems to be very aerodynamic and it is so. When we move towards the interiors, this car has got a very stylish and sporty looking cabin. All the features in this car are easily approachable for the driver, and I like this thing very much as it makes the ride of this car all the more comfortable and convenient for me. The car has been fitted with a very powerful engine which churns out a fantastic amount of power. The car is also very responsive to all the commands it is given.

The moment I just touched the race pedal, the car felt likes a rocket which just had been waiting for its launch. The car touches the speed of 0 km per hour to a 100 km per hour in just over 15 seconds. The car is also equipped enough to give a very good amount of mileage. This car gives around 16 km per litre on the city roads and just above 18 km per litre on the highways. In my opinion this number of mileage for car which uses petrol is very good as compared to other cars which are its competitors on the Indian roads.

The car is also equipped with a very strong air conditioning system which hardly takes any time to cool this car down. The car also has a power steering which really makes driving this car very comfortable and easy. It makes very easy for the driver to maneuver this car on the roads. The car also has a very good shock absorption system, which hardly makes any bumps on the road even worthy to feel. There are a couple of things which are not there such as power windows in the rear, but all the features which are there in the car are of very good quality and never let me down.

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