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Chevrolet Sail UVA LS ABS Reviews


By Seema

Price: 9,03,800


Want to get a Chevrolet Sail UVA

Pros : good power, good features, fresh looks

Cons : no airbag on passenger side


I am a working woman from Jabalpur. I work with a multinational company, I am still unmarried and I live with my parents. We have a Maruti Suzuki Wagon R. Since very long and I had been planning to buy a new car as our present car has got very old and quite rustic. I feel a bit ashamed in driving my old car to anywhere, especially my office. And hence I had been saving money so that I can accommodate enough money to buy a new car. Some time back I realized that I had achieved my target for which I had been working since long and now I can buy a new car for our family. 
After considering, liking it and consulting many auto experts I have finally decided which car to buy for myself. It is Chevrolet Sail UVA LS ABS. it is just newly launched which makes it quite fresh for the Indian roads and thus Indian eyes. The car has got very fresh looks on the outside as well as on the interiors. The car has got many fresh and new features which are very much new at least for me. The car comes from the house of General Motors. 
The company has been in this field since a very long time and has a long list of cars which have been very successful and till now the company succeeds in doing so. The car which I have decided to buy comes from the family of cars which have been successful and have been appreciated by one and all. This particular car has a lot inside it then it seems to have from outside. The car is fitted with a very efficient air conditioning system which makes the journey much more comfortable and a smooth one I should say when you consider the fact that I live in a place where it gets extremely hot during the summers. 
The drive quality of the car is very good with good shock absorption system and it is taken to another level if you consider the fact that this car also has a power steering fitted in it. The car has also been fitted with a driver’s side airbag which is very important these days as there is a very significant rise in the number of accident which takes place in our city on a daily basis. The car’s powerful engine manages to give a good amount of power as well as a very good amount of mileage in the city and even on the highways and long journeys. In short this car has impressed me very much and I have decided to invest my money in buying it. I have also booked myself one car and it will be delivered to me shortly.  I hope that this car proves to be a good one.

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