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Chevrolet Spark 1.0 E Reviews


By Hansraaj

Price: 9,03,800


Spark in the small car segment

Pros : Nice styling, power steering is a delight, comes with host of features, very reasonable price, mouth watering Chevy offers

Cons : Interiors are not spacious and it’s not a very comfortable vehicle on long drives

I purchased Chevy Spark under the best offer of all times in which company took charge of the maintenance related expenditures of the vehicle and gave a big warranty of three years, really amazing isn’t it who else in the market has come up with such a nice offer and this truly shows Chevy’s huge confidence in their technology and build in quality. I am driving it for the last 2 years and it’s been a great ride through out the tenure. Company takes care of the vehicle very well and I am very satisfied with the after sales service.

A very comfortable and powerful ride that offers ample space inside together with good boot space and it’s really a very beautiful car. A/c is good and the power combination between a/c and pickup is just great and you will never feel deprived of power. Driving on highway is a delight and I love to go on long drive with my Spark however the rear seat is not very comfortable. Every time I drive it I feel the spark inside which ignites the feelings of great passion and admiration for this wonderfully designed marvelous piece of engineering. Company read the market well and come up with a best designed product that satisfies the greed of middle class families well.

Overall it’s a complete family car and a best value for money with hosts of features which makes it a desirable product but the recent change in market with the boom of new updated cars, now it has become an immediate requirement for Chevrolet to come again with a new Chevy to spark the market again.

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