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Chevrolet Spark 1.0 LS LPG Reviews


By Suresh

Price: 9,03,800


The awesome Chevrolet Spark 1.0 LS LPG

Pros : good design, economical, many useful high end features

Cons : none

I am Suresh from Shimla. I wanted to purchase a small car which is really compact in size and is very economical in both; the long run as well as at the time of purchase. I purchased the Chevrolet Spark 1.0 LS LPG in the December of the year which has just passed, i.e. 2012. I liked the design of this car, especially after I checked the price of this car. After looking at constantly sky touching prices of petrol and diesel I wanted to have a car which used a fuel other than petrol and diesel.

I came to know that this car uses LPG as a fuel and this fact really made me very happy as this was perfectly what I was looking for. The car rolls on a small 1.0 litre sized engine which is equipped enough to give out a very good amount of power, especially for its size. The best thing about the LPG cars is that they can be switched between both the two fuels LPG and petrol with just a simple click of a button and it can be switched as per my demands and convenience. The car gives out a very descent amount of mileage of about 13.2 km per litre on both the fuels.

The car comes with body colored bumpers which are normally a sign of premium class vehicles and I was really astonished to see this feature at this price and segment of car. The windows of this car are tinted which prove to be very useful when it comes about protection from the sun. However I can always use the Air conditioning System to cut away the heat. The car has outside rear view mirrors on both sides which really help me very much at the time of overtaking and reversing. The interiors are also very good and give the feel of sitting in a sub-standard car. The car has fabric seat upholstery.

The car also has many storage compartments which really help me in keeping my things safe and away from direct sunlight. The cup holders also are present in the front end of this car and are very useful to hold glasses for me when I am driving. The front doors of this car have bottle holders which hold water bottles very easily for me. The front windows are equipped with power windows which enhance the luxury feel of this car. The car also has remote trunk and remote fuel lid opener. The car is a very good buy for all the people who are looking to buy a car which is economical, compact sized and is small sized.

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