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Chevrolet Spark 1.0 LT Reviews


By Imraan

Price: 9,03,800


Nice car to go for

Pros : Looks, performance, refinement, response, interiors, fuel economy and warranty

Cons : Poor ergonomics, poor quality, less spacious, ugly styling and exorbitant price

On the auspicious day of Diwali in 2008, I booked Chevy Spark. I’m fed up driving available conventional cars so I decided to do an experiment and finally opt for newly faced Spark. I don't know much about it, but I love changes.

After comparing this car to all small cars in India I found it a much better product for example they are giving us warranty up to 3yrs, that means how GM are confident about quality of their product which is offered to the public or consumer.

“A small car that is refined and road-worthy for city driving” is the phrase that best describes my Spark in heavy traffic jams and potholes. Bought this vehicle in Nov 08 and still love the feel and drive of this car. I bought a LT model .This is my second car and was chosen for the city (Mumbai- synonymous for bad traffic and huge jams). I took drive of Wagon R, Santro before making a choice. Both the WR and Santro have a bad dashboard design that look outdated. WR looks old and boxed. Santro i-10 is good, but I prefer spark as engine is very exuberant and yet lively.

The best I love about Spark is the good looks and decent yet distinct interiors. A very quiet and refined engine, A/C is good. The engine pick-up speed is comparatively slower than the initial excitement it manages to infuse in drivers, though overtaking may require a switch into lower gear for smoother performance, at high speeds car is less prone to suffer adversely when faced with cross-winds, so enviable ride-quality for hatchbacks is guaranteed for all passengers in the Spark. Quiet and efficient suspension, Apollo tubeless tires grant noiseless driving pleasure while a light power steering and compact size enable fuel-efficiency of 13-15Kmpl and 17-19Kmpl for city and highway driving, respectively.

If you want best category in small car then go for SPARK!!!

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