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Chevrolet Tavera L-7 Seats Reviews


By Chandramohan

Price: 9,03,800


Wrong to say it a car, it’s a cab

Pros : Nice mileage, spacious interiors and ample space for 8 people to sit comfortably, nice boot space, easy handling at high speeds and a much better vehicle to take on a long family trip

Cons : Awkward exteriors with no style, bad leafy suspension together with a music system which is no good and an exorbitant price for all this

I have been driving Chevy Tavera for a mnc to support my education and my overall experience with the car is slightly more than 15 months made me understand one thing that it is a cab made to fit well  the growing transportation needs of the urban cities where lot of people travel on a daily basis and big companies require a medium to bring in their employees on time and this necessity is well sneaked by Chevrolet and you will not be surprised to see Tavera more in public travel agencies than with private owners.

Good nice powerful engine with a/c fitted to chill you up even in the worst summers together with a lot of space inside and is ready to accommodate more people comfortably than it is made for and all of this with nice fuel efficiency too and is strong enough to be exploited and used for long hours without a time glitch makes it a nice pick to go on long tours.

Maintenance cost is high for Chevy vehicles and the after sales service is still a challenge for them with overall 80 service centers all across the country. I hope numbers will be increased to satisfy the growing needs. What I like the most is their offerings, three years warranty will all the maintenance cost borne by the company shows their exaggerated trust in their products.

Overall It’s a hard rugged vehicle all set to deliver high on damp, bumpy, potholed, dusty road.

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