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Force One 4X2 6 Seater Reviews


By Navin

Price: 9,03,800


And I got a Force One 4X2 6 seater

Pros : muscular and bold looks, spacious, filled with feature

Cons : low pickup or acceleration, low top speed, high price

Since a very long time I had been planning to buy a SUV as I have liked SUVs right from the time when I was a kid. Right from that time itself I wanted to buy such a car. Now when I have a good job and have started earning pretty well; I have bought a Force One 4X2 6 seater for myself and my family last month. With this car Force motors have taken their first step in the Indian car market. But here I want to add that even though it is a good car there are still many things which have a lot of scope for improvement.

There are many noteworthy things that have been taken from many other cars like one of them being the chassis of this car which has been taken from the lotus engineering. All said and done, I can measure all the other aspects of this car like power, comfort and space; and most of them by feeling or looking at them to measure it. But I am not able to measure the exact mileage of my car. I do not know how do I measure the mileage and hence I want help from you all in doing this. Anyways, coming back to the car it has been fitted with a very powerful diesel engine. The powerful engine of this car has been mated to a six speed transmission system, five for forward and one for reverse.

I found the pickup or acceleration of this car a bit low as it can touch 0 to 100 km per hour in about 15 seconds. I also found the top speed of this car low as it can barely touch 160 km per hour. Now if I talk about the looks of this car then I have to say that this car has got some very good and muscular looks. The muscular feeling is carried over all of its body. The front of this car has projector headlamps with Daytime running LEDs or DRLs, a very bold full chrome grill, body colored bumpers and outside rear view mirrors which are electronically operated. The ground clearance of this car is also very good which helps it to make it able to be driven very easily even on the roughest terrains.

On the interior part I really have to say that this car is very comfortable and spacious. The car has a three row seating system. And this car also has many sorts of interesting features which I found to be quite new. I would also like to say that the price is a bit high. Now all I am concerned with is about measuring the exact mileage of my car. Hence please help me with that.

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Thursday, March 7, 2013


1) Have 1 lit of fuel each in 2 bottles. 2) Run your car out of fuel. 3) Pour 1 lit fuel in your car. Take Reading or Reset the Trip meter to 0. 4) When u run out of fuel, check the reading again. That's ur mileage. Actually it depends on where (Hilly Terrain, City or Highway) and how u drive (Driving skills and speed) too. Now fill other 1 lit fuel to reach to nearest petrol pump. For best mileage drive around 55 Kmph, take good care of your car Also post the mileage on the site. AND DRIVE SAFE.

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