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Honda Civic 1.8 S MT Reviews


By Aayushmaan

Price: 9,03,800


Royal stuff with powerful motor

Pros : Bold sporty looks, good mileage, very powerful engine, quick pickup and great handling even at 189 km/hr speed

Cons : Aggressive pricing, Blind spots and S rated tyres for a powerful sedan

I have been driving Honda’s Civic for close to three years now and it’s been great all the time. I have driven it for 85000 kms and every day when I get inside the car, I get the same refreshing feel that I had on the very first day. Car still shines like a new one however try to avoid the white color as it changes into grey with due course of time and silver can rightly be considered as the best buy.

I like going on long drives and my recent ride was close to 900 kms with a/c off during the whole of the tour and I was amazed to see the whooping 15km/ltr mileage but the same car give 7 to 9 km/ltr in Mumbai traffic with a/c on. Exteriors are nothing short of a sport car and powerful engine and phenomenal pickup makes it a cheapest sports car on Indian road which is all equipped to bear our filthy road tensions well. Tyres are among the broad ones and provide great grip over the road and car turns like water however I was surprised to see the S rated tyre being offered for a sedan which can go up to 180km/hr that’s pretty strange, company try to save 2000 bucks and puts the life of customers paying 13 lac in danger. I insisted for a T rated tyre and they have changed it. Suspension is very soft and keeps the interiors fluffy.

Interiors are amply spacious in all rows especially the rear side is very comfortable and strong A/C keeps the heat away in all weathers. It’s a best car but be smart at evaluating the product because in between you and Japanese manufacturers there is an Indian mentality which puts much emphasis on saving on unusual aspects risking the brand image.

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Thursday, August 16, 2012


Honda Civic is a luxurious sedan. It's available in powerful safety features and very comfortable interior.

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