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Honda Civic 1.8 V AT Reviews


By Sunaina

Price: 9,03,800


New avatar of the stylish Sporty

Pros : Great looks, good fuel efficiency, a sports car driving experience, luxurious interiors and a simply astonishing ride to own

Cons : I am waiting for the actual product to show up and stay tuned for more information

I have been a passionate lover of Honda and their whole fleet. I like the great driving experience and the durability that their vehicles provide and assure a long term commitment of hassle free safe ride. I have been driving their famous Sedan City for the last 7 years and now the time has come for me to move over. I am looking for Civic, the higher end model but this time I want to go for a diesel car. I heard the news that Honda is renewing the whole flock with the diesel versions but have not disclosed the actual time they will need but have given a hint that they will be launched soon and it will take close to 1 year. So I have kept my fingers crossed for now.

I checked out the Civic 2012 model and it looks nothing short of a divine beauty bejeweled with great looks and classy luxurious interiors. Car is designed to give 5 passengers a 7 star suite comfort. Honda is always on top of performance and customer satisfaction. I have read reviews by the Honda riders and all of them are pretty satisfied by their wagons. Coming up with diesel engines is a revolutionary step that will take the brand ambassador to the apex level. I urge Honda to come up soon. It will be a long wait for sure. In the mean time I will have a closer look to the sooner to launch 2012 version and will try to emulate a clear picture of the coming hotty.

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Saturday, July 28, 2012


Honda Civic is one of the world's most loved cars. It is an absolute stunner, a real beauty, and a pure luxury.

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