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Honda Jazz Select Edition Reviews


By Dilip

Price: 9,03,800


The smooth new Honda Jazz Special Edition

Pros : fresh looks, powerful engine, has most of the features and that too of high quality

Cons : no cup holders in the rear, priced a little high than it really expects

Some time back my best friend purchased a Honda Jazz Special edition for himself. And I am very impressed with his choice after he took this car. I like most of the things that this car offers, but I personally feel that this car is just a little too expensive, maybe not very much but just a little. The black colored car looks very good from outside and from the interiors as it has a very beautifully designed and feature packed interiors. The car has also been fitted with very comfortable seats in the front end as well as in the rear end of this car.

I really like the amount of space which the car provides in all the segments; be it the boot space, the legroom or the shoulder room is very comfortable and is enough to fit in five adults. I personally like the interiors of this car more than the outer body of this car, by saying that I do not mean that I do not like the exteriors of this car. The exteriors of this car are also very good and they seem to be very fresh and new to the Indian market. There are not many hatchback cars presently in the market which can match to its looks. The looks to be more international and hence are more attractive, they seem to be more inspired by the cars which are presently available in the Italian car market.

The drive of this car is very comfortable and it gives a very energetic feeling. The car manages to launch like a rocket even after being a small car, and this gives the car a very fresh and new feeling. The safety aspect is also taken very good care of. In the safety segment this car has all the features which are currently present in the market; it has airbags for the driver and the front passenger, anti lock braking system, alloy wheels, central locking system and seat belts for all the passengers. The car has it all. There are only a couple of things in this car which I do not like very much, and I am happy that they are not very big. Firstly, this car does not have any cup holders for the passengers who are sitting in the rear or back seat and secondly is the price tag that it carries. I think that it is a little bit high for a hatchback. Other than these two things I do not have any other problem and this car is really a very good one indeed.


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