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Hyundai i20 Diesel Magna Reviews


By Sameera

Price: 9,03,800


Hyundai i20 Diesel, new hub in the market

Pros : stylish, great performance and excellent mileage

Cons : expensive and absence of airbags

Hello readers. I am Sameera from Kolkata. I recently shifted here. My hometown is Delhi. I work as a bank manager here and recently got my transfer in this city. With the daily traffic problem I had to struggle a lot and it was affecting my job very much. So I thought of purchasing a small car of decent range. Some of my colleges advised me to buy Hyundai i20 which is very popular these days. I bought its diesel variant, Hyundai i20 Diesel Magna as the diesel cars give good mileage. Its been 3 months I am using this car and I have not found anything in it which could make me feel regret on my choice. Though I won’t say that this is the best car because I found it a little pricey and after having certain knowledge of cars I got to know that the presence of airbags is a common feature in the others of this range and is not in my car.

Well its looks are very appealing and so are its interiors. These have satisfied me extremely. The car is very much spacious from inside being a small car. The seats don’t let me crib to drive on long routes as they are very comforting. I can enjoy good music in it with proper cooling of AC. I don’t have to worry about its safety as it has got decent safety features like Anti theft alarm, central locking with seat belts and antiglare rear view mirror that even keeps me safe inside it.

Even it is not at all tiring to drive it. It is easily driven and has good engine which powers it efficiently and the machinery parts like brakes, suspensions and every other thing works nicely and result a great drive. The mileage delivered by it does not let me check fuel on every next day.

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