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Hyundai Sonata Transform 2.4 MT FL Reviews


By Darsh

Price: 9,03,800


My Limousine

Pros : Good looks, decent fuel economy, nice powerful engine, it’s quick and agile, offers high ground clearance

Cons : Gear box is a big problem, suspension is leafy, cramped interiors, and a/c gives a real hard time

I have been driving Hyundai’s Sonata transform for the last 13 months and I can even counts these days on fingers the problems , difficulties and sufferings I have been through made me even think of changing it but I have shed 16 lacs for it and for me it means 3 years of commitment.

I bought Sonata because I liked the styling, exteriors, curves and grooves which gives it a stylish touch. Headlights and tail lights are completely transformed and made much beautiful from the previous variant. Fuel efficiency is good and is close to 9kms with a/c on however a/c doesn’t work much. Initially everything worked well and I was enjoying my best purchase and reaping the fruit of my wise judgment but eventually after a month or so I started facing problems with the gearbox sometimes it gets jammed I complained about it and the problem was resolved than a/c started giving me hard time I again complained and they repaired it but still rear passengers sweat in a fully luxurious sedan for which I have shed 16 lacs.

Finally thanks to Hyundai, after multiple complaints they took vehicle in their custody and listened to my grievances and solved all of my problems and now it is working great with some glitches sometimes but company takes care of all very efficiently. Sometimes it happens that a fault in a product remains undetected and is sold but after sales services that Hyundai provides acts as an emollient and reduces pain and sufferings. I have no hard feelings for Hyundai but appreciate them for such a nice customer service and for being their all the time to help me up. Thanks!!!

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