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Mahindra Bolero SLE Reviews


By Apoorv Gupta

Price: 9,03,800


Mahindra Bolero is missing a lot of modern features

Pros : Great space and mileage

Cons : misses a lot of modern day features

Hii! This is Apoorv Gupta from Ludhiana, Punjab. I am a software engineer and am presently living in Chandigarh for my job. I have a Mahindra Bolero SLE. I always wanted to have An SUV and couldn’t help my craze for them even when I started working. Mahindra was always my dream car. So I sold out my WagonR and bought the Mahindra Bolero SLE.

Overall the car is nice and the very purpose of the bold and sporty look and standing out of the crowd is served very nicely and there is no doubt about it. It gives you brilliant space and comfort and that I guess is quite evident. Also it has a great mileage and the engine is also very powerful and the car is no doubt a performer.

But all these qualities are present in other SUVs present in the market as well. But there are a lot of features which are not present in my Mahindra Bolero SLE and which are there in other modern cars and which I feel are really necessary nowadays. It does not have power windows which is very irritating at times. It does not even have central locking which is very unsafe especially with small kids and also is an essential feature otherwise. Airbags are not there which is a must in such cars are and in my view they are a must in all the cars for safety reasons. No CD player comes with it. Also I feel that in SUVs like these alloy wheels compliment the cars grace and power so the absence of alloy wheels is also disappointing.

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Sunday, June 2, 2013


Brother you should buy the top model(ZLX) it will solve all ur problems except airbags...

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