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Mahindra Quanto C4 Reviews


By Sarita

Price: 9,03,800


Superb SUV the Mahindra Qaunto

Pros : stunning masculine looks, good mileage, highly powerful

Cons : lacks many important safety features

Myself Sarita, I live in Gurgaon with my husband. I am a working woman, and I am doing pretty well in my work. Some months back my husband had his birthday and he is a big adventure freak, hence I wanted to gift him something which he would love to use. I gifted him a Mahindra Qaunto C4 with the money which I had saved after working for many years. My husband got very excited right after he came to know that I had purchased this gift for him. Even I highly appreciate his choice very much.

The car has got very beautiful design and from outside it has that special masculine feel to it. I personally think that this thing is very important for a good SUV as most of its customers and fans are males only and it is primarily meant to be a male car. The two main USPs of this car are its compact size and low price. And when I say that the car is compact in size I do not mean that there is low space in the interiors for its passengers, I mean that it not very big from outside and there is a plenty of space inside this car. The company Mahindra has already been very popular in the market for producing good SUVs.

There is only one big problem with this car which I found to be quite big. To lower the price and keep it in budget the car is not having any of the big safety features like driver’s airbags and anti lock braking system. The car has a very powerful engine which delivers a very impressive power and a good mileage as well. And if I talk about the comfort features of this car then it has a very powerful air condition which protects the passengers even in the worst of the summer conditions and manages to provide them with comfortable ride.

The car has a power steering which makes driving this big car more comfortable and easier. Power windows in the front and the rear is another feature which the car has and is an important luxury feature which is normally present in most of the cars which are coming these days in the Indian market. However the cup holders are only present in the front end of the car and are however absent in the rear end of this car. Remote trunk opener and remote boot opener are present in this car. CD player and alloy wheels are missing in this car. But the car comes equipped with a central locking system; this feature is common and very important in the cars which are coming these days. The car is very good but still lacks some of the important safety features.

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