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Maruti 800 MPI AC BS III Reviews


By Pankaj

Price: 9,03,800


Still regret my decision with Maruti 800

Pros : reasonable price, effective air condition, compact

Cons : no comfort apart from the air conditioner

Hello everyone I am Pankaj from Nagpur. I am a small businessman and I have a small shop of daily clothing in the city. I do not earn much but still manage to earn enough to support my small family of four; me, my wife, one daughter who is the eldest and a son who is the youngest of us all and is of only 3 years. By nature I am a very impatient person. I do not like waiting for anything. And if it is for something which I am planning to buy then my impatience can reach to its top most level.

A month ago I had saved enough money to buy a small family car for my family. Due to my impatience I did not do much research and straight away went to buy the Maruti 800 MPI AC BSIII. I am not saying that the car is unsatisfactory or something. But I regret the fact that if I had waited a little more and if I had done some research on my end then I would have definitely saved a little more money and would have gone for Maruti Alto 800, because it has better looks and better features. Any way let me come to the car I have finally owned. My car is one of the most reliable vehicles which the Indian roads have seen till now. The spare parts of this car are also very cheap as compared to the other cars. Here I also would like to talk about the after sale services which are provided by the company and the dealers of this company.

This car has been very successful and has ruled over millions of hearts in India since the time it had been launched in India. The biggest highlight which has made this car rule over millions of hearts in India is its price tag. Apart from its low price tag another thing which is very attractive according to me are its looks. On the exteriors I cannot say that it is a premium or a luxury car but its compact size really help me a lot when I am parking it or I am going through very heavy traffic. The interiors of this car are also very nice and descent. One feature which I would like to specially mention here is that it has a very effective air conditioning system. Apart from the air conditioner I did not feel anything to be more lavish about the interiors as the car misses out on most of the features. According to me this car is perfect for the people who are happy to have basic features in the car; the air condition is a bonus which the customers will get.

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