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Maruti 800 MPI STD BS III Reviews


By Darsh

Price: 9,03,800


Old is gold

Pros : Best buy, excellent mileage, good looks, comfortable interiors, nice ride to drive, good handling at exceptional high speeds, and much comfortable to go on long drives

Cons : Unavailability of power steering, a/c is more like a fan and inferior material used for interiors

Maruti 800 shares a long story with my family. My grandpa drove the first ever launched 800 then my father purchased the amended version and today I have the all new completely changed, face lifted and suited well to the needs of the modern world ”current version”  so in total I have three Maruti 800s in my shed representing different ages and are like part of my family.

Maruti 800 was built taking into consideration the needs of the middle class family and ever since its birth it is serving Indian people at its best. My car gives close to 18 km/ltr on petrol and is the highest in all cars. Comfortable interiors, nice exteriors and very low turning radius makes it very easy to drive even in dense traffic conditions and handling at speeds over 90 is really good.

The car needs improvement in some areas like a/c is nothing more than a fan and its sucks up the major portion of the power if you try to run it on high intensity and you have to close it down to regain stamina. Tyres are small and suspension is not well enough to restrict bumpy road vibrations. The biggest thing I regret is the space inside, car is not meant for people above 6 feet and they find it very difficult to fit themselves anywhere inside and the lack of much necessary features like power steering and power braking system makes it slightly difficult to drive at relatively high speeds.

Overall the price tag it comes in is so hot that it overpowers all of the above and makes it a best pick of all times.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I've listen a news that Maruti launched a new model Maruti Alto 800. This news is true?

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