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Maruti Alto Green Std Reviews


By Mahesh

Price: 9,03,800


Stereo got stolen from my Alto need suggestions

Pros : Low price, good mileage

Cons : Lack of air conditioner, power steering, power windows

As everybody knows it has become so difficult to maintain a car these days especially when it is a petrol car. I too have a Maruti Alto to be precise I own a Maruti Alto Green Std, this car is not offered with a lot of basic features too and hence when I bought the hatchback I got these features installed by paying extra, like the stereo system as it is too boring to drive a car without a music system.

Unfortunately recently my stereo was stolen when I went to the city park one fine morning; the lack of central locking did not let me know that somebody had opened my car now I realised the importance of this feature. Anyways, now I am looking to buy a new stereo for myself which will not cost me much and hence will have good quality as well I want your suggestions on this as to from where can I get a good stereo for my car. The one I bought was very expensive and at that time I was in a different city now I have moved to Indore which is a new city for me and I do not know any reliable shops too. Also there is no one who I can call to inquire as there is no friend and no relative is from here.

I need your suggestions please help me. Maruti Alto Green Std is a low priced car and returns good mileage despite being equipped with a petrol engine and that is what I liked most about the hatchback as it suited my budget too so I was not sceptical to buy it. It is indeed a good hatchback but lacks a few features like central locking, power windows etc.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012


The great performance up till now of My Maruti Alto has forced me to write a review on the same.



Thursday, July 12, 2012


Maruti Alto is good car till now its in demanded..


Balvir Bhargav

Saturday, July 28, 2012


This is classic car. it is comfortable to driving & is quite impressive.

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