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Maruti Alto K10 VXI Reviews


By John

Price: 9,03,800


Maruti Alto K 10: True value of your money

Pros : Power steering for comfort driving, luxurious seats, child lock, powerful air conditioner

Cons : Rear windows should also be powered

Hii, I am Deepak Yadav, an employee in government sector and therefore have to satisfy needs of all my family members within the specific salary package, due to which I always wanted to buy a car which not only best suits to my budget but also adorns comfort features which are found in various renowned luxurious cars. As the result of which before buying a car for my family I intensively conducted research in market to find the car which meets my all expectations. Finally my search came to end three months back with Maruti Alto K 10, which in true sense was like my dreams designed in shape of car. The first thing which impressed was its two tone interior which was a perfect match of black and grey color. The fabric seats are integrated to provide a comfort traveling experience to passengers. Integration of two cup holders and helpful to hold milk bottle of your newly born baby.


Before buying Alto K 10, I had a feeling that air conditioner in small cars in not as efficient as it is in other luxurious cars, but doubt after buying Alto K 10 came to end, because its air conditioner is marvelous and equally cools all sections of cars. However one thing which disappointed me was that only front windows are power windows the rear windows are operated manually. Although one thing which pleased me was child lock because generally children have habit of touching everything with curiosity as the result of which sometimes they unlock the car while driving which results in severe accidents. But integration of child lock is helpful in restricting children from unlocking the doors while driving. Apart from that another thing which impressed me was integration of front fog lamps, because normally in winters there huge fog in roads during night time due to which you are not able to recognize surroundings clearly, moreover as every one in my family is crazy for long drives, I am sure this winter I will enjoy fearless long drive with my family.

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