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Maruti Alto LX Reviews


By Om

Price: 9,03,800


20 kmpl with petrol engine

Pros : Good looks, marvelous mileage, smooth aerodynamic design, very low turning radius, high ground clearance, Maruti’s long term commitment of quality

Cons : Cramped interiors, fragile material used to build exteriors tend to break easily on a small accident and outdated styling for a modern customer

I have been driving Maruti’s Alto for over a year now and it’s a great vehicle to own especially for people who are going to purchase their first car and want a long term commitment of quality, durability and low running cost. It’s been a marvelous one year and I am much satisfied with the quality of the vehicle with some loop holes here and there but overall it’s a nice vehicle and it made me learn why it’s been a best seller of the last six years with no decrease in sales and very less amendments.

Vehicle is decently powered with a K-10 engine runs well on all sort of terrains however suspension is not that good and not equipped well to restrict bumpy road vibrations and you will feel them in the cabin especially on the rear side. A/c is great for a small car like Alto but there is a slight lack of power coordination between a/c and pickup and you will be able to enjoy only one aspect at a time. Boot space is almost zero and I don’t like the interiors much, they are cramped and you will feel lack of space in all the spheres. My wife like the car much and she uses it most of the times, it’s a best vehicle for women; small, easy to handle, low turning radius makes it easy to drive in city traffic and mileage is the aspect in which it wins the race, whooping 20kms/ltr.

A best value for money invested that can be recovered well during the effective life of the vehicle and its sale will yield you a profit for owing a best product ever made for middle class families.

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Friday, May 18, 2012


This is a low maintenance and essentially an easy to drive car.

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