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Maruti Alto LXI Reviews


By Hansraaj

Price: 9,03,800


A nice vehicle for a small family

Pros : Excellent mileage, good exteriors, power steering makes it very easy to drive, turning radius is very low and is a perfect vehicle for city dwellers

Cons : Engine is not powerful enough, a/c is a real disappointment and material used to build exteriors is not strong enough to resist accidents and is very fragile

I purchased Maruti’s Alto for my wife a month back. She has a daily commute of close to 35 kilometers and loves to drive her Alto; it was her choice to go for it. She is a brilliant money saver and takes economic decisions. I am also amazed to see the performance of the vehicle I never drove a small car and at first sight it looked too small to me and interiors are very cramped, no boot space, legroom is so small that my legs feel suffocated but as per her these limitations overpass the qualities Alto offer.

A great vehicle build keeping in mind the problems one has to suffer while driving in city traffic conditions. A nice suspension for city dwellers, but it has room for improvement and can be made much better to adapt our bad roads. Engine is powerful enough and fetches good 18 kms/ltr in dense traffic which is a great figure I can ever imagine from a car in city traffic. A/c is good but sucks up engines power when you try to run it high and makes small beauty a lazy lame. After sales service of Maruti is a real delight and vehicles bears almost nil maintenance cost. Spares are reasonably priced too.

Overall it’s a bombshell and a best option for ladies who like easy driving. A complete package and assured quality for a long term commitment with hassle free driving.

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