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Maruti Alto LXI Reviews


By Hansraaj

Price: 9,03,800


Value for money

Pros : Best value for money, good fuel efficiency, low turning radius, good stylish exteriors and legendary Maruti’s build in trust

Cons : Small tyres, cramped interiors, inefficient suspension, material used to build interiors is tacky and lack of coordination between engine’s power, a/c and pickup

I have been driving Maruti Alto for 6 months now. It’s my first car and I am really happy about the overall performance of the vehicle with some glitches here and their but in the price tag it comes in, makes it a best value for money and an adoring option for those who are going to purchase their first car.

Exteriors are good, finishing is not great but is good enough to attract attention, head lights look good and are bright enough. Talking about interiors, I didn’t like them much, they are bit cramped and I feel stuffy

inside, they are not made taking tall people like me into consideration and the material used inside is not very refine. What I like most about the car is the mileage it gives, whooping 19 kms in city traffic conditions. Engine is powerful but when I drive with a/c on full swing I feel deprived of the necessary stamina and sometimes I have to put it off on a highland which is a slightly depressing aspect and suspensions should be improved to make it more competent for our potholed dirty roads.

I like it because it offers; good mileage, tension free ride all the times, a good city driving experience, small size makes it very easy for me to park it anywhere, best after sales service, almost no maintenance cost and cheaply priced spares. What else required guys and the beauty of the investment is I will be able to recover most of it on resale.

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Vikram Rathore

Thursday, June 14, 2012


Maruti Alto resale value in market is very good, i get 1.55 lakh by selling my old maruti alto lxi.

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