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Maruti Alto Std Reviews


By Ranjeet

Price: 9,03,800


Small family car

Pros : Only vehicle made anticipating the requirements of middle class family well, good looks, amazing mileage, easy to handle and quick at turns

Cons : Engine’s power is less, interiors are not spacious and suspension requires amendments

I am a young professional and recently started doing job. I am going to purchase my first car and am very excited about it. I am very cautious and want to play safe so I am opting Maruti’s Alto. I like Alto for the quality it offers. Decently priced very good engine, powerful a/c and nice interiors enough to accommodate 4 people comfortably are the key advantages of owing an Alto. I took test drive and mentioned below are my findings, I think it will help a lot to people thinking of buying Alto.

Engine is powerful and a/c works great, you will not feel the heat even in the scorching heat of summers and chills the car in less then 5 minutes. Mileage is great, dealer assures 20 on road however I assume 16 with a/c which is great for a city driving and your smooth driving will help you to go some more. Suspension is good and takes care of the passengers well. Space inside is good but tall people will not find it much comfortable. Ground clearance is relatively high and it’s very easy to handle and turning in a dense road is very easy adds comfort to the city driving.

A lovely ride for starters and will serve you best all the times that is what Maruti ensures in all their products. I found it much interesting and a best choice for me. Its resale value in the automobile market is one of the highest and is very easy to switch when you get bored and want to move to a higher segment. I consider it as a best value for money and now I am able to understand the reason why it’s a best product with highest sales figures.

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