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Maruti Ritz Automatic VXI Reviews


By Deependra

Price: 9,03,800


Very much impressed with the Maruti Ritz Automatic

Pros : very good looks, high mileage, very good suspension system

Cons : the gear shthe gear shift is a little poorift is a little poor

I am an employee of an international medical company. I was appointed here around five years ago. And after that I was married about three years ago. And I have a small baby girl. Some time before I had decided to buy a car for myself. I wanted to have a car which is good enough for me and my family. I wanted to buy a hatchback which is very luxurious, spacious and comfortable. After searching for quite some time I found such a car and hence I readily bought it. The car is Maruti Ritz Automatic VXI.

The car is very good and highly luxurious. Its luxury is increased due to the presence of an automatic transmission system which is fitted inside it. The automatic transmission is a blessing for a person like me who has purchased his first car, in the heavy traffic of our city. If I talk about the looks of this car then it is very easy and safe for me to say that the looks which the outer body or exteriors of this car has are very nicely done and hence are very attractive. The inside of this car is no different, and hence it is also very beautifully designed I should say.

I like the color tones which are used inside this car. They really make this car all the more attractive and beautiful. The air condition which is equipped in this car is also very good and very efficient. It really makes the car much more comfortable in any season. The music system of this car is also very good. The car is now very big in size and is also very peppy in its drive which is really a very good point. The suspension system which is used in this car is of a very good quality and it is very good. The acceleration which is provided by the very powerful engine that this car has is also very good.

I should here talk about the power steering that this car is fitted with is also very much appreciable and it makes the whole driving experience of this car much more better. The car also gives a very good mileage of 15 km per litre in the city and about 17 km per litre on the highways. If I talk about the low points that this car has then it surely has to be about the gear shift system that this car has. I found that the transmission system was a little less smooth, only a little less smooth. If the company can work on this problem then it is surely a perfect car and a perfect buy for the middle class family.

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Sunday, January 27, 2013


Ritz-AT doesnt have audio system (Deependra wrote "The music system of this car is also very good". ) come you made the comment on that....So I doubt on this review...

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