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Maruti Ritz VXI Reviews


By Ramesh

Price: 9,03,800


Awaiting the price of Maruti Ritz Automatic

Pros : good looks, many features, ample amount of space

Cons : none

I am Ramesh, a civil engineer here in the capital city of New Delhi. I was married 22 years ago and I have a beautiful daughter of 20 years in age. Now as she has become an adult she had been demanding for a personal car for herself since very long. And I had been not taking this demand of her very seriously. But sometime back the crime rate in this has gone very high and it has started getting me highly worried now, as there has been a very significant rise in crimes related to women like rapes and assaults.

Some time back I came across a girl of my daughter’s age and she told me about the importance of having a personal car for a girl as it is much safer to drive a personal car rather than using the public transport. It is safe and can give me a high level of peace of mind if my daughter has her own car. After this conversation with that girl I had been looking for a good car which I can gift my little girl on her birthday which is going to come very soon. While looking for a car there were a couple of things which I had to keep in mind like the styling of this car as my daughter gives a lot of importance to style and beauty, second thing which I had to take care of was the easy availability of spare parts and shops where she can get it repaired easily and quickly.

After considering many cars I came across a car which got my heart in a moment and I am sure that it will take away my girl’s heart as well. The car is Maruti Ritz Automatic. After dong some research I found out that the automatic version is available only with the petrol version of the car and it is available in the top most variant of the car, VXI. The car competes with the Honda Brio AT, as both these cars are blessed with an automatic gear shift and have very similar prices. But I am avoiding the Brio as the spare parts are available with much more difficulty and also the company’s service centers are very less in number.

This car has been blessed with many comfort and new age features. The car has a good amount of apace in all the needed aspects, and hence makes the journey much more comfortable. The air condition of the car is also very good and interiors of this car are very modern looking and well finished off giving the car extra looks in its beauty. Now all I am waiting is for the price of this car to be launched soon by the company so I can plan my expenses according to that.

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