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Maruti Swift Dzire LXi Reviews


By Avinash Soloman

Price: 9,03,800


Maruti Swift Dzire: Making your dream come true

Pros : Satsifactory

Cons :

It is said that sharing your experiences with others is the great help to mankind as your experiences may help others to take right decision on specific subject. Hello friends I am Avinash from Pune and unlike other people I also dreamed to go office in my personal car and therefore since I started my professional career I started making short savings so as to buy my dream car one day. Here I would like to say that since my childhood I was crazy towards Maruti Suzuki cars, or in other words you can say that I admired Maruti Suzuki cars, because of their user friendly operations. But as during my childhood only limited variant of Maruti cars were available or you can say that as I was a child I do not had much knowledge about different variants of cars I always thought to buy a long Maruti car for my family. Well finally almost an year back the day came when I brought my Maruti car to my home. In fact I would like to say that this Maruti car made my two dreams come true at same time, at one side it was Maruti car and the other one was that it was a long car for which I had always dreamed. Let me break my suspense by telling you the name of my Maruti car, yes you guessed right it was Maruti Swift Dzire, my long Maruti car which was under my budget. Although the rear side is not as long unlike other cars but for me it was quite satisfactory according to my financial ability and is quite enough to carry your sufficient luggage.
Moving inside the car in simple words I would say the unique interiors, the color combination of black and beize makes the interior an eye catching interiors, the attractive dashboard, and arm rests are quite helpful to provide complete rest to your arms while driving. With huge space inside every passenger including the driver are able to enjoy comfort traveling with comfort seating for long hours without any signs of tiredness. The suspension is quite satisfactory and if you are driving at a decent speed you would never notice bumps on roads.
Talking about the pick up, it is also quite good, and within the period of 7 seconds my Swift Dzire accelerates the speed of 100 kmph. Although Dzire is integrated with all luxurious features but one thing which could be improved in this car is that instead of making its rear small company could have decreased its size from front so that it could have carried long tail. Well overall performance is undoubtedly the best in segment.

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