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Maruti Swift Dzire LXi Reviews


By Sagar

Price: 9,03,800


New Swift Dzire car badge disappeared

Pros : Low price, good appearance, powerful engine, good mileage

Cons : Lack of power windows and central locking

I recently bought the base version of the new Maruti Swift Dzire notchback, was looking to buy a car for myself and its low price, good looks and decent mileage appealed to me a lot.  I got the delivery in the month of March, the car is good, it delivers good performance can accommodate five people easily so my entire family can go out together unlike earlier days when me and my wife use to hop on my motorcycle. Though I have not sold my motorcycle and neither do I drive to office on Dzire I still go be my bike as it saves me a lot of money on fuel. Just a few days ago the car badge was stolen while I was asleep, it happened late at night earlier we though it must have been dropped somewhere but then I do not drive to the office and we did not even go out the previous week so there was no chance of car badge being dropped somewhere else.

Also it is a new car, just a couple of months old, so there is a strong possibility that it got stolen. Now I am looking for a new car badge for my Swift Dzire and hence I seek advice as to from where can I get it. It looks weird to drive the car without the car badge it seems as if I am driving a stolen car, however I am paying EMI’s for Dzire. Please suggest what would be the viable option and where can I find the car badge for my Dzire. I look forward to receiving suggestions from you; the users of this car please advise me on this, I would be extremely grateful to you all.

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Thursday, June 21, 2012


The sedan has an excellent control and grip on the roads.

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