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Maruti Swift Dzire LXi Reviews


By Narayan

Price: 9,03,800


Tour with Dzire Tour

Pros : low price, spacious as old Dzire and fuel efficient too

Cons : Not available for personal usage

The wow news is that you have now got a variant of Maruti Swift Dzire which is totally dedicated to the commercial or taxi car owners. First thanks to Maruti Suzuki who thought of us, the commercial car buyers. I have taxi business in Indore and we are just planning to expand our business. At this time Swift Dzire Tour, the new taxi segment line up can really be beneficial for us. I have checked the news that it would be available at the price of around 5.5 lakh, so at a nominal price and with minimum needed features, I am sure this car is going to be a big hit in the commercial vehicle segment like the passenger car, Swift Dzire.

I think that the company has taken the intelligent step by keeping old Dzire alive for the Taxi segment as it has capacious cabins as well as the enlarged boot space. As the engine is the same 1.2 liter petro land 1.3 liter diesel, fuel efficiency would remain as good as its ancestors. It has got the basic steel wheels, black bumpers, black door handles that keeps the model quite simple and low downs the price too. Very soon, I would buy a couple of Dzire Tour variants to enhance my taxi segment line up.

I think that those who are engaged in a taxi business or travel & tour business can really understand the worth of this new car. Sad news about the Tour is for the personal car buyers as it is not available in passenger car segment. To buy it, you will have to be a commercial vehicle vendor and if now, I think you will have to switch to its passenger car segment of Dzire.

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