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Maruti Swift Dzire Tour LXI Reviews


By Sriram

Price: 9,03,800


Maruti Dzire Tour – best taxi ever!

Pros : Comfortable, Plush interiors, Mileage

Cons : None though initial price can be an issue for small taxi service providers/drivers

Maruti Swift Dzire Tour LXI runs the powerful K-Series VVT petrol engine of 1197cc, 1.2L. Despite of have become old, this petrol variant of Swift Dzire is very reliable. Because of this reason, Maruti has worked upon the idea to introduce it as a taxi car.

Well, I am quite fascinated by the whole idea because I frequently travel. Taxis are the lifelines of every city I travel to, especially the second tier cities where there is poor public transport facilities. Even in metro cities, except Mumbai, there are issues while commuting and thus taxis are very important.

Introduction of some new and better cars as taxi will change how India moves. I think that this new taxi car, our well-known, Swift Dzire Tour LXI can easily beat the old fashioned Ambassadors, Fiat and even the Tata Indica and Tata Indigo. Considering that, now-a-days, people happily spend a lot of money in commutation, offering them something like petrol based Swift Dzire is quite a good idea.

For the service providers, the car gives monetary gains. The fuel efficiency that Dzire Tour LXi, despite of being a petrol-based car, can give is unimaginable. The car gives a whopping 15.1kmpl of mileage even in the city. It is better to run it on long distance also, where a mileage of 19.1kmpl won’t be an issue either. Plus, one gets so much comfort because of the plush interiors and comfort features of this car.

In my opinion, Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire LXI is a welcome change in the existing scenario. While the passengers will move in comfort, the spending will also be reasonable. Things can’t get better than this. Kudos to Maruti!!!

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