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Maruti Swift Dzire Tour LXI Reviews


By Riya

Price: 9,03,800


Swift Dzire is a mixed bag!

Pros : great design, easy driving with power steering, powerful engine and comfortable interiors

Cons : Missing features like alloy wheels, power windows and central locking, no CD player, mileage not as claimed

HI! I am Riya! I am a lawyer by profession and currently working with a famous law firm in Delhi. It was in last year that I was thinking of buying a notchback since a very long time. After taking a hell lot of suggestions from my friends, family, colleagues and almost everybody I met I finally set my mind upon the Maruti Swift Dzire Tour LXI as this one was satisfying all my expectations. I wanted a premium notch having that typical ‘long car’ look. I necessarily wanted a power steering in my car and also good acceleration and smooth and handy driving. Pick up was great when I test drove it. The car had to look good anyway and the design of this car somehow settled in my heart when I saw it for the first time in the showroom. The best part of the car is that it contains a powerful engine. Comfort inside the car is at its top. The interior is beautifully designed and complements the exterior. The notch from inside is very spacious and it’s always fun to hop in whether it’s with friends or family or even alone when I am on the way to office or on a long drive. All in all I just loved the car at the showroom so I purchased it the very next day.

But everything you buy has some or the other thing which is both undesired and hidden. Few things in Maruti Swift Dzire Tour LXI that I don’t like or probably didn’t catch my attention when I went for the test drive are that the car does not have some very important and sought functions in a notchback or even a hatchback of today’s time like the power steering and central locking which makes me remember my old Fiat car which my grandfather used to drive. Something not expected from an advanced car like this one. Also one thing that slowly and gradually came to my notice was that the car is giving me a mileage of 11 KMPL but the mileage claimed by the company is 15 KMPL which is far from reality. Also the car does not have alloy wheels which most of the cars have nowadays. The most shocking feature is that the car does not have a CD player. No doubt the price of the car is quite low and affordable but at the same time the car snatches the privilege of having some of the basic features of a good car.  I won’t say I am completely dissatisfied and I am definitely not fully satisfied by owning and maintaining this car. So it’s a mixed bag for me.

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I think Maruti Swift Dzire is a taxi purpose car.

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