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Maruti Swift Dzire VXi Reviews


By Mohd. Jamal

Price: 9,03,800


Keep your car toned up in winters

Pros : trusted name of the manufacturer, gives the feel of a luxury car

Cons : visibility of spots on the front glass during the rains, leakage during rains in the front area of car cabin

It has been just above two and a half years since I have owned the Maruti Swift Dzire VXI. My journey has been quite good till now with some little problems in the rainy season. I found a couple of little problems with this car in the rains which can turn out to be major quality control issues. I found out that the front glass gets some small spots developed on it during heavy rains. I also found that there is some leakage in the front section of the car cabin when it showers heavily. Apart from these two problems and that too during the rains I have not felt the car giving me many problems.

I have been loving cars since the time I was quite small. And because of this love I have been busy in finding ways to maintain or keeping the car at its best since then. I have learnt some tips to keep a car healthy in winters for myself which I would like to share with you all.

To start with the tips I will simply tell you the things I follow during winters to keep my Maruti Swift Dzire in a good shape in winters. In the chilly mornings of winters like we also take a little extra time to get out of our beds, our cars also take some time to warm them up. Hence I never just start the car and leave for my destination in winters; I start the car and keep the ignition ON to give time to the engine to warm itself up before I put pressure on it for a long journey.

I keep a constant check on the antifreeze (the liquid that goes in the radiator and helps keeping it warm). I never want the antifreeze liquid to finish and my car to refuse to start when I badly need it. I never forget to get it serviced before the winters, just to replenish my car with all the needed fluids for the season. The rains which sometimes come to make the matter worse in the case of visibility I just make sure that the blades of my car’s wipers are new and easy removing water from my windshield just so that my visibility does not get obstructed. I will give the above two advices especially to the people who live in the area which tend to have a snowfall during winters. To those people I have a couple of tips more like using snow tires and keeping a special check on the breaks to give you that much needed extra grip on the roads which are covered with a layer of frost making the road extra slippery.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012


This is best car

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