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Mercedes Benz M Class ML 350 4Matic Reviews


By Martin

Price: 9,03,800


Wow! It’s the new ML350 to launch here in India

Pros : Attractive in dynamics, premium interior and features

Cons : Cons are yet to be discovered

Good day to you! I am Martin Todd and I currently work for one of the leading MNCs here in India. The day I have arrived in India, I am dying to buy a premium crossover that gives me a passionate and premium SUV riding experience. I think that my desires would be fulfilled with the purchase of anticipating luxury off-road/on-road animal, the ML350 CDI. At present, I have a BMW X1 in my parking lot, but I need to go one step further with the purchase of new ML350 CDI. I would wish to know with what additional features this car would be available for the enthusiasts. It is sure that there would be some additional excitements to be offered with this revamped machine, but for the exact specs, I’ll have to wait until and unless the details are out.

Interestingly, this car will carry the new BlueTEC V6 engine with peak output of 246 bhp maximum power, replacing the previous BlueEfficiency engine. I think that for the bouncy Indian tracks, the SUV like ML350 would be more than enough. Since the BMW and the Audi automobile units have arrived in India, Mercedes-Benz has been struggling to find their existence in the luxury segment. With this new crossover to be launched in India, hopes are still alive that the company can certainly do better job in industry.  

Features would certainly be my first priority. I would wish that this new SUV would have something additional than the usual ESP, ABS, Acceleration skid control, ADS, Climate Control, Cruise Control and Rear Camera Functioning.

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