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Mitsubishi Pajero SFX Reviews


By Nitesh Sankhiya

Price: 9,03,800


Pajero unleashing the best off road experience

Pros : Ample space and high on comfort even on the worst roads

Cons : Spares are costly and it’s difficult to locate service centers

Today I wanna share best moments of my life when I become the proud owner of one of the best Sports Utility Vehicle of our country namely Mitsubishi Pajero. Hi my dear ones, its Nitesh Sankhiya from Jammu. SUV’s are always on top of my head and I have driven some of the best to calm down my hunger for adventure, every time I rent vehicle on self driving conditions and I go on very long tours covering thousands of kilometers in a single go but then I thought of purchasing my first SUV, very cautious and preoccupied with the features I want in my car, I started my mission of hunting for one and yeah it ended on the Mitsubishi’s Hulk of all terrains the mighty Pajero. Car is simply a phenomenal off roader and tests your mettle and hunger for adventure, it’s a jumbo juggernaut and its influence is like heroin which reaches very soon to the top of head.

Pajero comes fitted with the best in class interior amenities these are like add on feature to the rugged strong exterior to give you a real soft inside. I can bet you will not be able to find such a beautiful mixture of comfort, luxury, space and power at the cost you will not be able to imagine. It’s like a dream come true for me and I really thank Mitsubishi for providing the enticing experience I will never be able to forget.
Broad tyres, strong shock absorbers, high ground clearance despite of the big size, safety features for riders security, big fuel tank for uninterrupted long journeys and ample space inside to carry world with us. What else we want? yeah all this at an incredible price and am sorry I am missing on one thing, you have the assurance of best customer service from the pioneer Japanese automotive giant, sounds mouth watering isn’t it.

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