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Nissan Teana 250 XL Reviews


By Karan

Price: 9,03,800


Nissan Teana is yet a dream

Pros : stylish, comfortable and excellently driven

Cons : high priced


When I thought of the car I want to have, the only one that suited my expectations was Nissan Teana 250 XL. Hi people. My name is Karan from Ahemdabad. This luxurious sedan by Nissan is something that can impress anyone. The terrific engine, the stylish looks, the comfortable and soothing interiors with spacious character, the house to loads of safety features; the car has it all. But the only thing is that is out of my budget. This, 21 lakhs above priced car is indeed a contour of today’s generation and is designed well to fulfill everyone’s expectation from it. 
The elongated structure of the sedan with glamorous looks with stylish front chrome grille and the adjacent stylish headlamps and accompanying fog lamps raise the beauty of the front fascia of the car. The quality of features that I experienced while taking a test drive was beyond the ones I felt in other cars. The comfort of seats was unexpected. The drive was very smooth with the ease of power steering and gear box transmission. In fact it has got XTRONIC CVT automatic transmission which is a very rare technology present in the competitor cars. I wonder if Nissan will launch another variant comparable to it in lesser range. If it would be launched in future then surely I am going to get one.
The interiors of the car are very spacious and the cooling of AC with some adds on effects and the excellent sound of music system which is of an advanced technology impressed me a lot. It is a great disappointment for me not to have Nissan Teana 250 XL just because I can’t afford one.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Ji Karan, You can realize you dream now as you can find the XTRONIC CVT in Scala (essentialy rebaged nissan) in half the price of Teana. Thanks, Vikas

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