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Renault Fluence Diesel E4 Reviews


By Nidhi Kumawat

Price: 9,03,800


Renault Fluence: A luxury car within your budget

Pros : Car to meet your all expectations

Cons : Mileage should be improved

If you are a kind of person who wants to grab attention of everyone wherever you go then I would say that Renault Fluence has potential that will make meet your objective to great extent. Well I am Nidhi Kumawat from Delhi, a housewife, let me tell you frankly since my childhood I had been crazy towards long cars and dreamed to buy one day one such big car for me. Finally almost seven months back my dream came true when my husband gifted me the keys of Renault Fluence on my birthday. I do not have words to explain my excited when I first saw my Fluence parked in front of our main gate.
The first thing which I would like to say about looks of my Fluence in one word is awesome, moreover the color combination used to decorate it is stunning undoubtedly to grab attention of everyone going on road. The worth mentioning feature about Fluence is its suspension which never lets you feel the jumps which you might would have felt while driving some other car in same segment. However one thing which disappointed me its mileage, as it delivers an average of only 13 kmpl, which in current scenario of regular hiking prices makes car driving an expensive deals. But when you start driving it you forget about the mileage because comfort seats and good suspension followed by sufficient space never lets you think about petrol. Although I do not get much chance to drive car alone as am a new driver and most of the times my husband drives car whenever we go for long drive. And whenever he drives he starts appraising its features throughout our journey. Moreover as it is powered with power steering he never feel tired after coming back to home.
One thing which apart from other features I would like to explain more importantly is the integration of safety measures, to protect your life from any crash Fluence is equipped with SRP airbags, apart from this if while traveling you forget to lock you door then automatically as soon as you accelerate some speed doors get locked.

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