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Renault Koleos Diesel 4X4 Reviews


By Shubham

Price: 9,03,800


Where power meets pleasure

Pros : Refine noiseless engine, good fuel efficiency, wonderful a/c, pleasure to drive and offers good handling at high speeds

Cons : Too pricy, no information about after sales service and long term performance of Renault cars

Long awaited expectations from Renault are finally met as the company launched its SUV Koleos and made debut in the premium segment SUV car market, being its first SUV a lot of expectations were their and it seems most of them have been fulfilled. A deep comprehensive research about its specifications and offerings is yet to be conducted however we have a small summary for your introduction to an all new face of modern technology.

Elegant exteriors, wonderful a/c, nice suspension, very comfortable seats and really nice interiors are some of the key characteristics this new car holds. We didn’t get chance to take it on a test drive and will come up soon with a much better overview, being a part of premium segment it has to face stiff competition from Toyota Fortuner,BMW-X1 and Honda CRV but it looks like Renault has come prepared and anticipated the requirements of Indian customer well. It’s the overall second individual offering from Renault to the Indian car market. Renault is new in the Indian car market and their first car was in collaboration with Mahindra turned more into a taxi or cab and the long term performance of their vehicles is yet to be seen.

At first glance the car looks stunning and has a strong refreshing looks which will really drive your mood on and will prove to be a potential threat to the present competitors however the near future will give us more insight to where it stands in the customer’s preference list, visit us in frequent intervals to get more info about Koleos. Adieu!!!

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


It is a good quality,a good handling's available only in the include excellent version.



Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Safety is a fundamental feature that is built into all Renault models.

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