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Rolls-Royce Phantom EWB Reviews


By Pankaj

Price: 9,03,800


Rolls-Royce Phantom: My dream car

Pros : ultimate level of luxury, highest level of comfort, very powerful

Cons : none

I or anyone else does not need to drive to become its fan of this beautiful car named Rolls-Royce Phantom EWB. I had seen this car on the internet and on the TV. And right from that moment itself I have been a big fan of this car. I like the ultimate level of luxury which this car provides in it. The car is not only decorated with the highest levels of luxury but it is also blessed with a very powerful engine of about 6500 cc. The car has been blessed with the stunningly classic looks and it is also blessed with the immense amount of power.

 I like the sliding partition which this car has to make partition between the front seats and the rear seats. It gives a very high level of privacy for the people who are sitting in the rear seat who are normally the people of a very high status. Even though this car has a very high price with it this car has a very huge number of fans like me all around the world. This car simply takes its owner have a celebrity status as and when he purchases this car. The car is also very good in its driving experience as well.

The car can up to very high speeds and that too with a lot of comfort and ease. The car also provides a very high level of comfort inside it. The car is fitted with the highest quality of comfort features and same goes with the suspensions of this car. There is no single bump which any one can feel on the roads. The badge which this car has got is the ultimate level of high class which any one can have on his car. It is almost needless for me to talk about any of the luxury features which this car has and that too of the highest quality. I wish that I can own this car someday and also have chauffer to drive it in a white uniform. I really want the badge of this company and status to be shining as if one my cars.

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