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Skoda Rapid Diesel Elegance Reviews


By Kapil

Price: 9,03,800


Like it like anything.

Pros : Good aerodynamic design, smart exteriors, high ground clearance and very good at handling

Cons : Suspension is good but can be improved

Skoda, after a continuous series of hits like Laura, Octavia and Fabia has now added a new charm Rapid. Beautifully designed exteriors looks like Volkswagen’s Vento at the first glance but a closer look creates all the difference and its an add on to the elegance of Vento together with Skoda’s unique knowledge and insight intelligence in car manufacturing. Front is bejeweled with adoring headlamps with nicely embedded fog lamps. Rear looks classy and reminds me of the high end sedans. Styling is great on all the sides and company has taken great care to create a healthy portrait in customers mind.

I took test drive recently to figure out what Skoda has, to offer Indians and the first thing surprised me is the bracket it comes in. Clearly Skoda has understood the needs of Indians well and has come up with an all equipped best in class car which is all set to pose threat to giants like Honda and Hyundai.

Engine is the most powerful in its category and pedals are so smooth and fluffy, a slight touch and the engine roars like a Lion. Steering is very soft and turns in a slight touch. Gear shift is like moving knife on butter. Interiors are very spacious especially the front with ample legroom and soft fluffy seats reminded me of my bed. Car is all set to give 5 riders a 7 star luxurious suite like comforts. A small test drive of 15 kms on NH8 made me understand the vital requirements of an amazing car and really Skoda is a clear winner in this bracket. I finally booked a top model with black color. Skoda’s Rapid is an outstanding performer with mind boggling capabilities and all of that is available at a wonderful price.

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Vikas Jain

Thursday, May 17, 2012


look & design need to change, especially from the front, is the patent design that Skoda is going to give to all its cars.



Monday, September 10, 2012


Skoda Rapid is fully perfect car.

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