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User Reviews of Tata Nano BS III (5)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

By Prashrut

The value for every dime of mine Tata Nano

Pros : economical, easy to drive in tight corners

Cons :lacks adjustable headrests in the front seats

Hello I am Prashrut from Pune. I am a college student and my college is on the outskirts of the city. As my college is in the outer limit of the city and I have to be on the highway for some stretch of the road when I go to my college. It can be quite or I should say that very risky to ride a.... [...]

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

By Rahul

Surprisingly amazing interiors of my Tata NANO!

Pros : Surprisingly spacious, three spoke steering wheel, two adjustable AC vents and a decently designed console

Cons :None with this price

Hey all you people there. This is Rahul writing from Hyderabad. I work here as a sales executive in a leading electronics brand. I purchased the Tata Nano BS III three months back. I am personally happy with the car so just thought of writing a few words for it. The look of the car is very cute.... [...]

Thursday, July 19, 2012

By Rohit

Rain was never so much fun before- Thank you TATA NANO!

Pros : Affordable price, cheapest alternate to two wheeler for shelter in rain, runs good no matter what season

Cons :none according to me.

I can’t believe I own a car. We all grow up with a dream of having a car of our own. Driving it as and when we want, Going out in it with family, going to office driving your own car,  Going on a long drive in good weather probably when it’s raining on an unknown road and a lot.... [...]

Monday, July 16, 2012

By Shivani

I own a car… all thanks to you TATA NANO!!

Pros : Lowest price in cars, cute look and spacious inside

Cons :all features missing

  hello friends! This is Shivani from Nagpur. I work in a BPO. I am a proud owner of TATA NANO BS III. I wanted to share my experience with you all here. Actually I wanted to buy a car from a very long time for my family. I didn’t need a car for myself as I am working in a BPO so.... [...]

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

By Veer Singh

No feature, but low fuel consumer

Pros : Sporty design, good space and fuel economy

Cons :No feature and weak build

Hi, I have a Tata Nano BS III that I bought three years back. I think that Tata Nano is sporty and cute looking car that has got good space inside it. The height of the car is so good that even a tall occupant can sit comfortably. In addition, the ground clear of this small car is good that.... [...]

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