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Tata Safari Storme VX 4X2 Reviews


By Sumit

Price: 9,03,800


Safari Storme could have been much better

Pros : powerful drive

Cons : low mileage, low acceleration, poor centre of gravity

I had purchased a Tata Safari Storme VX 4X2 some time back. I have always wanted to have a Sports Utility Vehicle or SUV as we commonly call it. I have always liked the Tata cars, because they have been quite economical and very trustworthy. The cars which they produce have been very good and successful till now. Hence I went to purchase the Tata Safari Storme VX 4X2 just after getting excited about the launch of their new variant in the Safari series.

But while purchasing this car I was a bit disappointed after looking at the price at which the car was being sold. I mean at this price I could have got many other cars which were new in terms of design and name to the Indian market. I do not know why but I still went ahead to buy this car. Now I just wish that I had stopped there itself and never have purchased this car. The car is no doubt filled with all sorts of features regarding comfort, luxury and safety. The biggest thing which disappoints me is that even after being a new variant; there are very less things in the outer body as well as the interiors that have got a fresh or a significant change. There are only a few changes in the outer body and almost no visible or significant changes on the interiors.

The mileage which the car delivers is quite low as compared to the other cars of this segment. The car manages to deliver only about 10 km per litre in the city driving conditions and about 13.5 km per litre on the highways. I really feel that this figure is very low for a car that runs on diesel. I mean now when I look at the mileage figures of other cars of this segment I really feel very disappointed with my choice of car.

The acceleration of this car is also not very impressive for its size and class. It manages to stagger itself to 100 km per hour in around 16 seconds. The top speed of this car is also not very good or rather I should say very impressive as it manages to reach 160 km per hour with a lot of difficulty and problems. But I really felt that this car has a very poor and low centre of gravity as this car starts wobbling at high speeds and if I try to turn this car at high speed then it kind of gets a little out of control. I still do not know the reason of this car being so successful even after so many problems. I really wish that the manufacturing company of this car could have worked much harder on this car and could have enhanced this car.

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