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Tata Sumo Gold CX BSIV Reviews


By Anand Somani

Price: 9,03,800


Tata’s providing beefy Sumo in best price ever

Pros : Bulky Wagon for the exhilarating experience, Powerful engine and soft interiors

Cons : Engine sound is high and a/c is not powerful enough

Finally I am on my way to purchase my first SUV, the grand beefy Tata Sumo gold CX BS4. Hi to all who are looking for buying this gorgeous and the marvelous piece of engineering, I hope I would be of some help to you, I am Anand Somani from Tamil Nadu, lover of SUV’s since childhood, always enticed in their fascination but never been able to own one, now I have enough resources to buy myself a smart elegant adoring SUV and my preference which includes all the above mentioned qualities is none other than the best off road wagon of all times, tagged with the best price ever “The Tata Sumo Gold CX”, following emission standards of BS4, company has priced it really well and for the first time we have an SUV for the low income class that’s what true innovation is, bringing the thing in reach of everyone.

You might be wondering easing cost would have resulted in compromise on quality but I want to grab your attention towards the manufacturer who is the world leader in innovation and producing best in class cars for their customers. Mighty Sumo comes with the leading features of the SUV industry and is a true mirage of my inherent dreams, bold aggressive looks, broad tyres for extra fine grip, strong chassis, strong yet soft shock absorbers are the peculiar features one can witness on the very first glance and taking your attention to the interiors of my hulky SUV, dash embedded with the latest equipments, soft broad seats, power steering for providing ease at driving my big monster, ample legroom all over even the back ones enjoy the ride at most and the classy tough to give a luxurious feel.

My Tata Sumo is the best in class in the value it fetches and it’s an undeniable fact that nobody in the entire industry can challenge. I feel like god when I hold up steering and it’s an amazing feeling which can’t be expressed in words, simply awesome!!!!!

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