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Tata Sumo Victa DI EX Reviews


By Shankar

Price: 9,03,800


The unbeatable king of SUVs

Pros : Very powerful engine, enormous space inside, strong a/c, high ground clearance and it’s a very agile and quick vehicle

Cons : Low mileage and high maintenance cost

Tata Sumo is a dream come true for people like me who always desire of buying a rugged hulky off roader at a much reasonable price. I took its test drive recently and am on my way to become a satisfied buyer of a nice looking SUV.  I live in the outskirts of Madhya Pradesh and my daily driving route include roads of all shapes some looks like the one you never think off, so good strong vehicle is much of a requirement for me. I like to drive a lot and am always been a passionate admirer of SUV’s. I like Tata’s Safari too. Going on a long drive once in a week is my habit and hobby too and my driving terrain includes mountainous region which is a tough test for any vehicle.

Tata Sumo, as the name suggests looks enormous from outside. It’s a beautifully designed vehicle made keeping in mind the requirements of the Indian customers and who else than Tata will understand the needs of their people well. Tata’s been a pioneer heavy vehicle manufacturer and have anticipated the market requirements well.

Interiors are amply spacious at all corners with good legroom for all the three row of seats and all of them are provided with separate /c vents for passenger’s comfort and chills the car in not more than 5 minutes. Seats are very comfortable and make me feel sleepy. Tyres are broad and provides good grip over the road. Sumo turns like water and its turning radius is very small. It offers high ground clearance and despite of its big size, it’s as quick and agile like a powerful sedan. Tata Sumo comes in price which best justifies its offerings and makes it an all time best value for money.

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