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Tata Sumo Victa IDI CX Reviews


By Sidharth

Price: 9,03,800


It’s a combination of two cars enclosed in a single body

Pros : Enormous space, broad tyres for better grip, good fuel efficiency and reasonable pricing

Cons : Material used to build interiors is tacky and car offers low ground clearance

Tata Sumo, a car designed for people like me who wants to carry world with them. I have been driving SUV’s of all types through out my life and I have 5 hulks under my shed, all of them are very close to my heart and an integral part of my life. Tata Sumo is the first among the fives and I have been reaping the fruit of its great comfort for the last 12 years however today Toyota’s Fortuner is my ride but still sometimes I like to drive it on weekends.

Exteriors are like conventional SUV’s but it has a spark and still attracts me a lot. I feel powerful while driving it. Tyres are broad and provides good grip over the road. Suspension is a real softy and makes me feel like sitting on a fluffy bed. Styling of the vehicle is outdated but people like me still love the same looks and I think company knows this thing well and that’s why they have different variants of Sumo available without amending the base model.

Sumo offers amply spacious interiors, all the three rows are designed well with separate a/c vents and enough legroom makes it a very comfortable ride. Engine is very powerful and is very easy to drive. Handling is great and mileage is good enough. Pickup is phenomenal and it rides like a rocket. It’s a true off roader and a good multi usage vehicle.

Overall Sumo is a strong, muscular and very comfortable ride designed for passionate off roaders and for people who likes to go on long drives and treat their car as a second home and not just a mere conveyance requirement.

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