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Volkswagen Touareg V6 TDI Reviews


By Tarun

Price: 9,03,800


Will buy a Volkswagen Touareg someday

Pros : high amount of power, many safety features, highly luxurious

Cons : little less space for the legs for rear passengers

I have always dreamt of buying top end SUV for myself since the time when I was a child. I do not know why I have this fantasy for high end SUVs. But yeah I am kind of quite crazy for them. Some time back I realized that I had found a perfect car for myself. And it was Volkswagen Touareg V6 TDI. I really this car very much right from the first time I saw it on the internet. The car has a very classy appearance and a huge appeal to it. The features which this car has inside its cabin are of high end and good quality.

The car has a very big sized engine which generates a lot of power and torque. The displacement of this car is also very high at around 2967 cc. the car is high powered hence it can achieve very high speeds very easily and is also very good for off road experiences as it has very good suspensions and it has a very high ground clearance which enables this car to go smoothly over any kind of surface.  To generate an even better experience while taking this car for better off road experiences it is equipped with many features like hill climb ability, side slope angle, ramp angle and wading depth.

Apart from the extreme amount of power which this car offers, I am also very much impressed with the amount of safety which this car offers. The driver’s side has been given many functions like steering mounted cruise control and double sun visor. The car has many storage spaces which really facilitate towards the ease of the driver while driving. It has eight airbags which have the ability to minimize the amount of damage which can be done in any kind of collision. Sound and visual assistance is provided at the time of parking to indicate the amount of space which is left to easily maneuver the car.

The car is also equipped with Electronic Stability Program or ESP as we commonly call it. To avoid the car skidding off at the time of sudden braking it avoids the locking of the wheels with the help of Anti Lock Braking System or ABS. For even better braking this car has brake assist. Hence the chance of a very big accident is majorly avoided which indeed makes this car a very safe one for any one and every one. I really like this car very much and I really aspire to own it one day.

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