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Friday, June 12, 2020

By Carkhabri Team

4 Common Car Washing Mistakes

4 Common Car Washing Mistakes

Car cleaning is the matter of personal hygiene, and therefore none of the car owners leaves a stone unturned while cleaning his car. However, there are lots of people who think car cleaning only refers to washing it from outside, and therefore heavy chemicals and detergents for washing the exterior of their car and do pay attention to its interiors.  Whereas the fact is that cleaning the interior is as important as cleaning the exterior because the interiors have to face all the dirt that comes with your shoes, which results in the origin of bacteria. Moving ahead, the chunks of food that you inside the car are enough to invite the rats and other insects in your car, which not only leave irritating smell but also give birth to various germs and diseases. In short, while cleaning your car make sure to clean it properly from inside also.
In today’s blog, we are discussing some of the mistakes towards which most of the car owners do not pay attention while cleaning their beloved vehicle.
Inappropriate detergents and chemicals: It is seen that most of the people wash their car with the detergent used in the kitchen or chemicals used for cleaning the toilets. Doing this is harmful, as due to the regular use the paint of your car will start losing its original color. Along with this the rubber and the surfaces garnished with metal also get damaged. To protect these damages it is recommended to make use of the products that are manufactured specifically for this purpose. Today, there are lots of eco-friendly products available in the market that could be used for car cleaning without any damage to any of its parts.
Washing in sunlight: Although, day time facilitates you to get a clear view of all the hidden components, but washing the car in the sunlight results in drying of the products used for cleaning, thus leaving their spots on the surface, even after washing. It is therefore recommended to wash the car in shade, anyhow, even if, you have to wash in the sunlight, try to wash it segment-wise, as it will not use limited water, but also clean the car properly without any stains.
Rubbing the car: To remove the water spots from the surface of the car lots of people start rubbing the surface with pressure, doing this not only unwanted scratches on your car but also damage the metal sheet. If you notice any spot after drying the car, try to remove with a soft piece of cloth or towel and clean the surface smoothly and gently without any harm.
Waxing: Although waxing the surface of the car retains its actual color but also gives an extra shine to its exterior, but doing it in excess is harmful. Because the wax has an efficiency of grabbing the dust elements and therefore an excess of wax will attract these elements to stick and develop its layer on the surface.
So, next time when you clean your car keep these factors in concern to protect it from any damage.

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