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Friday, May 14, 2021

By CarKhabri Team

5 Car Maintenance Habits That Are Damaging Your Car

5 Car Maintenance Habits That Are Damaging Your Car

There is one common habit found in almost all human beings is that we start digging the well when our village gets fire. We keep on ignoring the alerts we get from our vehicles until we do not face any problem because of that. Below are few of the mistakes which we all follow when it comes to car maintenance and due to which we sometimes face severe problems. Well some of these mistakes are:
Starting The Car In Cold Engine: This is a situation when you haven’t driven your car for a long time and its engine has turned cold. Sometimes this situation also happens in winter when the temperature suddenly goes down. Anyhow, whatever the reason is, starting the car after a long time damages the engine. The oil in the engine starts thickening and when you start your car it flows slowly through the machinery. That is why it is recommended to not rev the engine at high RPMs when starting the car which has been idle. 
Keeping Car in the Reverse Gear While it Moves Forward: Although the cars manufactured today cannot be moved in the reverse gear while they are moving ahead. The cars that were driven almost a decade back lack this feature. Transmission doesn’t mean shifting the gear in reverse while your car is moving ahead. If you do so, then the gear system of the car works against its natural working. This damages the overall gear system of your car. The cars manufactured today ignore this and do not let you shift the car in reverse gear even if you try to do so. If you are driving an old car which is eight to ten years old and you also follow the same practice it is advised to stop doing this.
Ignoring the Smell: It is also one of the common habits found in all of us. If you notice any irritating smell coming inside the car get it detected and rectified at the earliest. It is possible that this is happening due to mould in the ducts of the air conditioner or burning of some electrical component. If you notice any type of smell inside the car get it checked immediately. 
Driving the Car in Reserve Fuel: It is also one of the common habits found in Indian drivers. Driving a car with reserve fuel badly damages the engine. It is an indication that the fuel of the car is almost over. The problem is more severe if you are driving a diesel car. The level of fuel below the reserve damages the seals, injectors, and pumps. When you drive with reserve fuel the engine is forced to pull more air along with fuel. This develops the air pressure inside the tank and it is not possible for air to move out from any point.
Driving at High-Speed Over Potholes:  Driving the car at high-speed through the potholes damages the suspension and shock-absorbing system of your car to a huge extent. To protect your car from such damages it is recommended to drive slowly across the potholes. 
Stop ignoring these mistakes to enjoy flawless drive of your car.

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